rod Grant

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 Rod most recently wrapped filming the horror/thriller,

"Beauty is Skin Deep," playing the no nonsense boss "Allen."  Who is stalking Glenwood high and why? who will be the next to die?  available soon on dvd!





Prior, Rod wrapped filming the action/drama,"king charles," playing the antagonist lead role of "Mitchell caldwell."  A shady DEA agent does everything in his power in and outside the law to catch a cocaine king-pin!  now available on dvd!






Prior, Rod wrapped filming the thriller/horror, "Illusions," playing the lead role of "Detective Stuart."  A disillusioned woman tries to gain control of her life as the people closest to her begin to die mysteriously. now available on dvd!







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  • Do you know rod as the author "Rod L. Griffin?"  That's right!  Rod is one in the same! Check out his many books wherever books are sold!