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News 2019:

Rod goes into production on "The Connection!" (march)



News 2018:

King charles now available on Amazon prime and dvd!

Click here!



News 2017:

King charles coming to dvd early 2018! (Aug)


King charles to show at the sunscreen Film Festival!

april 29-30th!


King charles world premiere at Gasparilla Intl Film Festival!

March 2-9th


Rod appears on the ABC Morning Blend TV show!  (March)


News 2016:


King Charles in post production  (Nov)


filming on King charles begins!  (May)


Mr. Engagement and pawnz now available on amazon prime in the u.k., germany and japan!  


llusions now available on dvd!!



News 2015: review on Illusions!  (May)


Mr. Engagement now available on dvd!

Click here!


Rod launches Infinity filmz!  (april)


Illusions accepted into the Innovative film festival

Special screening June 2015!  (April)



World red carpet premiere of "Illusions" (march)

gasparilla Intl Film Festvial!




Illusions hits the film festival market! (jan)

See the trailer!



News 2014:



Check out Rod's interview on


Rod begins production on the feature film "Illusions."



Rod goes into pre-production of the feature film "illusions!"


to begin filming in June!  He will be playing the lead role of Det stuart.


Currently In development of two films.



News 2013: 


Die die delta pi WRAPS filming. (mAY)

Die die delta pi begins filming. (april)


Rod attends the "Pawnz" premiere at Gasparilla international film festival!  (March)




Rod accepts the supporting role of "prof. patrick simms" in "Die die delta pi" to begin filming in March (feb)



News 2012:

"Pawnz" enters its festival run. (Sept)


Check out Rod in the Spring issue of Brite magazine!  (July)


pawnz in post-production (May)


Sunscreen film festival world premiere of "mr. Engagement!"

Click here for details!


Rod wraps filming Pawnz. (March)


Rod begins filming "pawnz," playing the supporting role of "Pothead."  (jan)



News 2011:

Check out Fashion Frenzy Magazine's Nov issue article on Rod and "Mr. Engagement!"


rod appeared on CHILLIN WITH BOB & TIFFANY on Comedy SLAM Radio
on 10/9,
and/or To talk about his up-coming films PawnZ and Mr. Engagement!

Check out the shows, Parts 1-3 here:


Check out the teaser trailer for Mr. engagement!


Rod happily accepts the supporting role of Professor Watson in the film Counterfactual which will begin filming in jan. 2012. (Sept.)


Rod happily accepts the supporting role of Phillip McMichael's in the film Journey into Hell, to begin filming in Jan. 2012. (Sept).


 rod has co-written, will produce and star in a supporting role in the film pawnZ to begin filming in Jan 2012. (Aug)



mr. engagement in post production (june)


mr. engagement wraps principal photography (may)


Mr. engagement in production! (april) 


Hollywood comes to town! Paradise news article on page 36


Brainjacked gets great reviews!


Grant & Davison to produce Mr. Engagement


mr. engagement under way!


Brainjacked gets nominated for a TLA Cult award!


Inspiration Films launches Mr. Engagement website!


the feature film "wasband" slated for film festivals later this year! 


Experiment 7 in Belfast, Germany video stores! (photo below. Bottom shelf, second from the right!)



100 tears gets distribution in Scandinavia! Re-titled "the clown."



News 2010: 

New film creates big buzz!


Rod is scheduled to begin production on the film Mr. Engagement in april 2011, in which he wrote and is directing. (Dec)


Experiment 7 gets Japan distribution!  Official poster!


Brainjacked wins at the reel terror film festival! (Oct.)


Spaventare wins best creepy feature at the reel terror film festival! (Oct)


Rod will be a guest speaker at the upcoming Creative Loafing Reel Terror Film Festival. Oct. 23, 10. at 2:30 pm.


Brainjacked accepted into the Creative Loafing Reel Terror Film Festival! Oct 23, 10. (Sept. 10)


Check out Rod's interview on This Business of entertainment!


Experiment 7 receives Asia distribution! (Sept 10).


Experiment 7 is accepted into the con-tamination film festival!


Experiment 7 is accepted into the fantaposia film festival!


Experiment 7 is accepted into the sunscreen film festival!


Experiment 7 wins 3rd place at the Skyfest 3 film festival in north Carolina! (march)


Brainjacked receives U.S. distribution! (Aug. 10)


Wasband begins filming. (June 2010)


Rod happily accepts the supporting role of "steve" in the romantic comedy Wasband, to begin shooting in June. (April 10).


Rod wraps the hit comedy play Women Want Everything! (Jan 10).