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Actors and models can largely increase their chances for work by having a video demo reel. The only way for an agent or a casting director to see how you look on film is to see your actor’s video demo reel. With more and more castings being done on-line by video it doesn’t make sense for you not to have one.  More and more actors are being hired simply from their reels!  It’s our job to digitally edit your raw video footage into a video demo reel that shows your talent, range and marketability.


As actors and film producers, we know first-hand what it takes to put a fantastic video demo reel together.  As a Creative Professional Digital Video Editor, we specialize in creating marketing materials for actors and models to get them work. We have a much better perspective than most digital video editors because of our film, acting background.  We know how important it is to have a quality video demo reel that can help you obtain meetings with casting directors, agents and producers. A great video demo reel can get you a meeting at a network or sign you with an incredible agency.  It happens and we’re here to help make it happen for you!


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Rates - Video Demo Reels and Digital Video Editing  

• Free Consultations.  

• $250-375.00 total project price.  

• 1 Master DVD copy and/or Free internet upload, such as Youtube.  

• Digital archived copy of reel for when it’s time to update with new video footage.  

• Updated Reels - $150, which includes video editing and 2-3 new pieces of footage.

 • Actors and Models provide their own digital video clips.  


Frequently Asked Questions:  

Q: What happens at Consultations?

A: Consultations are free. We will discuss how much footage you have, and how many clips you want on your reel. 

 Q: How long will it take?

A: After deposit has been made your reel should be finished within 3-5 days.

 Q: What will it cost? How Do I Pay?

A: The cost will vary depending on how much footage we have to work with. A basic 1-5 clip would be the lower cost.  5-7 clips would be in the higher price range, etc.  We can discuss details during your consultation.  It normally takes 4-6 hours to cut together a reel. All accounts are payable in cash or by credit card on our site, unless other arrangements have been made.  A $50 deposit is required to begin work on your reel with the balance due at the completion of the work.

 Q: Can I see my reel before I make my final payment?

A: Of Course! You’ll see and approve your reel beforehand.

 Q: Are your prices competitive?

A: We think so!  Video editing is expensive!  Most experienced video editor’s charge upwards of $75.00 an hour!  Still others charge upwards of $350, $450 and more!  Because we have no store-front and offer this service as a secondary service to our main business we can discount the price.  Plus, we’ll usually match or beat anyone’s price!  Just bring us a written quote!

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