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(Non-Union - Accepting SAG/AFTRA but must be willing to work on a SAG waiver).



Pay Info: Contract Pay  

When: Sat. April 9, 2016


Where: West Tampa Branch Library                        

2312 W Union St. Tampa, Fl. 33607       

(813) 273-3652  


(Please do not bother library staff)


Call backs:  Upon request


If you haven't heard back from us please just show up before 5pm!  We will get you in!


FILM DETAILS:                 

Logline:  An unethical DEA agent does everything in his power within and outside the law to catch a cocaine kingpin.

Film Summary:  TC Roberts is a DEA on the trail of the city's cocaine kingpin for one reason only…to bring him down. During an investigation of the city's major crime lord TC's partner is gunned down - murdered in broad daylight. This is exactly what TC needed to push him over the edge. He'll now stop at nothing to get his man even if it means breaking the law. Assigned to the case with a new rookie female agent TC sets out to break all the rules in order to catch his man and be damned anyone who gets in his way including his new partner. But is she new or part of Special Investigations sent in undercover to put away TC? He soon finds out that all the odds, his captain, the crooks on the street and his own partner are out to get him. And what he's about to do next is pure justice.

CREDITS: IMDB (Internet Movie Database) credit.  

PROJECT NOTES: We're now casting “King Charles.”  An Independent feature film produced by award winning actor Rod Grant and I.F. This is I.F.’s fourth feature length film intended for U.S. and foreign DVD release with hopeful theatrical release.  “King Charles" is an action film offering a very strong male/female ensemble cast.  Principal photography shall commence in May 2016.  Craft services on-set and meals provided for full days.  

CASTING DETAILS:  Please send all headshots/resumes or demo reels to: or

Include the film title and film role you’re interested in playing in the subject line. Once we receive them we will call or email you to schedule an appointment time.  Once you've received your appointment time then please download the Casting Application (below) and the sides you’re interested in and bring them to the casting. If you do not see a side for that role pick another one and let us know what role you're interested in. Please have a dramatic monologue prepared as well (3 minutes max). There are many roles that span the age ranges between 20-75, so if you don’t see something quite right for you but you meet the age range, please submit. Also, the color of hair and descriptions of the characters are not set in stone. Accepting union and non-union, however union must be financial core or willing to work under a SAG waiver. 

Video auditions are encouraged only if you absolutely CAN NOT make the audition in person and we request them.  Please only apply if you are serious about your craft and working long hours.   

Lastly, we are a serious production company which films approximately one film a year in the Bay area. We only expect real submissions. A day on set could be 10 to 12 hours so be prepared to take the day off from work. Be responsible with your schedule because it's impossible to get someone to replace you at the last second. We welcome all new-comers. Any other questions feel free to ask on your response email. Please include phone numbers and any alternate email addresses as well.

Crew positions still needed so please submit resumes.  Seeking PA's, Grips, Gaffers & Interns.


Casting Application


Casting Breakdowns:

TC (Terrance Clark) Roberts - (Lead) - Age Range - 20-30's African-American or Caucasian. 

A hard-nosed DEA agent who's out to get his man however he can even if it means breaking the law. He's handsome and unassuming. Right now he doesn't care about women, money or material things. He's got one thing on his mind…get the local drug king. Tough guy with street smarts and highly skilled on the street.

TC Sides


Marcia Saunders - (Lead) - Age Range - 20-30's Caucasian 

Ethical DEA "Internal Investigations Div." Agent. She's been assigned (undercover) to partner with TC to investigate and bring him down if necessary. She's cute, in a girl-next-door kind of way. Skilled combat handgun marksmen. Very naďve and innocent to the precinct but turns in the end into an un-ethical cop.

Marcia Sides


Cheryl - (Lead) - Age Range - 20-30's (Nudity) Caucasian 

TC's informant and lover. Girl-next-door- plain beauty. A bit ragged out due to a hard life. Chain smokes and drinks. Just wants out of this miserable life with TC but doesn't know how to do it. Sex scenes.

Cheryl Sides


Captain Reynolds - (Supporting) - Age range 50-60's African-American or Caucasian. 

DEA by-the-book Captain. Prefer big-build guy. Stern persona ability…speaks with authority. Someone in his department has been screwing up, getting him into trouble and he's had it! Thinks its TC and agrees to investigate him via a secret undercover agent (Marcia). He's going to clean up his department if it's the last thing he does!

Capt. Reynolds Sides


DeCarlo - (Supporting) - Age Range - 30-40's Italian-American 

An Italian with high ambitions. He's been working under the wings of Mitchell for too long and decides to go on his own. Average looking guy but has plenty of charm to not only get him by but turn him into the next local kingpin.

DeCarlo Sides


Reggio - (Supporting) - Age Range - 25-40 Caucasian 

Mitchell's long time friend and personal bodyguard. A calm killer for Mitchell and the drug business. Would do anything for Mitchell.

Reggio Sides


William Money - (Supporting) - Age Range - 25-35 African-American 

The black version of Mitchell, but doesn't cook as well. He's the local pimp king-pin. Controls and sells in the ghetto part of the city. Dresses like a pimp but thinks he's fly. Has a commanding presence and his bodyguards though bigger than him respect and fear him. Street-smart and urban guy. Implied sex scenes, no nudity.

William Sides


Natalie - (Supporting) - Age Range - 20-30's - (Implied sex scenes, no nudity).  Caucasian 

Gorgeous beauty and Mitchell's longtime girlfriend. Everything about her says sexy! Though she knows what Mitchell's into she doesn't care and loves him immensely. She'd do anything for him including kill. She helps him whenever she can though pretty much stays out of his business. Like everyone else she respects him. Implied sex scenes, no nudity.

Natalie Sides - Please use Cheryl's sides and just let us know who you're reading for.


Money's Girl - (Featured) - Age Range - 20-30's (Nudity) African-American or Hispanic 

Beautiful woman who loves William and will do anything for him. Sex scene, with nudity. (1-2 scenes)

Money's Girl Sides - Please use Cheryl's sides and just let us know who you're reading for.


Vincent Moderilli - (Featured) - Age Range - 40-50's Caucasian 

Mitchell's partner who ends up stealing from him. Older man in his (40-50's). Thinks he's the smartest guy in the room. Average looking. (One scene).

Vincent Sides


Felix - (Featured) - Age Range - 20-30's Hispanic 

Local small time dealer. Average looking and speaks with Hispanic accent. Gets caught by TC and made to inform on Mitchell.  Liqour Store Clerk (Two scenes).

Felix Sides


Fred Allen's - (Featured) - Age Range - 50-60's Caucasian 

Average looking guy could be balding. Retired from the DEA's office. Marcia's Godfather and mentor. He promised her father he'd look out for her but he's not doing a very good job. Tries to help her out with some advice. (One scene).

Fred Sides



Featured & Extras:

Sarah - Cheryl's daughter (late teens-early 20's)

Stanley - employee of Mitchell's 

DEA Agent #1 

Two DEA Agents # 2- #3

Office DEA agents (4-5) 

Prison Guard 

Lloyd (Money's bodyguard) 

African-American #1 (Money's bodyguard) 

African-American #2 (Money's bodyguard) 

Man #1 (Swainy's man) 

Man #2 (DeCarlo's man) 

Man #3 (DeCarlo's man) 


Four party women (w/DeCarlo) 

2-3 Guys making a buy with DeCarlo 

Dean (TC's informant, on Phone)

Patricia (DeCarlo's mistress)





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